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Blackstone At 30.60

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The morning after: not always so pretty, is it?
Neither is the morning after the morning after (weekends don’t count in trading land), especially if you’re Stephen Schwarzman. After closing at $35.06 on Friday, Blackstone’s shares fell 7.5% to $32.44. This translated to a loss of about $655 million for The Schwarz, and (we're assuming) no crab leg salads for a week.
When we started to write this post, BX had fallen to $31.15. It took us a while to find where the edited Crab Hands graphic was on the computer, and by the time it was located, they were down to $30.60. And not that we’re into kicking people when they’re down, but it should also be noted that Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearns are all up (since yesterday’s close, trending with the market), so BX has no one to blame but itself.
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