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Born Classy: Luke Weil goes to jail camp

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Before there were shows like MTV's "Sweet Sixteen," where the obnoxious actions of wealthy children were on weekly display, there was Born Rich, a 2003 HBO documentary created by Jamie Johnson, the J&J heir. The resounding "star" of born rich was Luke Weil, heir to the Autotote (now Scientific Games, the UK's largest set of OTB wagering systems) fortune. Luke wasn't too happy with his portrayal in the unintentional mockumentary and sued Johnson to have his footage removed from the film. One of Weil's most shining on-screen moments included the following rant:

Did you ever have someone piss you off? Somebody rubs you the wrong way. And I'm up at boarding school. And this guy's from some shit town in Connecticut, I don't know. I can just say, f*** you, I'm from New York. My family can buy your family, piss off. And this is petty, and this is weak, and this is very underhanded, but it's so easy, you know.

Weil is wealthy (check), obnoxious (check), has an unwarranted sense of entitlement (check), is not particularly bright, or employed (check), is in his 20s (still check, we think) and needs some formal justification to take the company reigns from daddy (check). You would think this makes him a perfect candidate for an Ivy League business degree. Weil started the Columbia MBA program, where Scientific Games CEO A. Lorne Weil is a member of the board of overseers and sponsors a $14k business plan writing competition, and was set to graduate with the class of 2007.
The only slight problem is that Weil is in jail, or the loose simulacrum of jail that a Tribeca detention center represents (at 125 White Street), serving a one year sentence. Making the unfortunate mistake of attending a “sculptress” (rich code for unemployed with a really nice apartment in New York living off family money) named Hope Atherton’s 29th birthday party, Luke decided to beat British music producer (rich code for liking the Arctic Monkeys and having bad teeth) Tarka Cordell with a broken liquor bottle. Sensing this wasn’t enough to really push him into felon territory, Luke also decided on a separate occasion (while his sentence for beating the crap out of Tarka was being deferred) to kick the crap out of his girlfriend (rich code for someone with less money than you who's willing to take one for the team) with his bare hands. According to the official police report, “[Weil struck his girlfriend, Patrice Jordan] in the face numerous times with a closed fist causing her to sustain numerous deep bruises and lacerations to her face, neck, and head, and causing red bruising to both of her eyes all of which caused her substantial pain.” Weil was able to kill two infractions with one sentence and save himself a couple of court appearances.
Fortunately the rich keep an initial reserved to hide incarceration from the public eye, and Luke had his real first name, “Benjamin” specifically employed for this occasion, until the New York Observer recently unconvered "Benjamin's" whereabouts. Luke was sentenced on January 30th of this year. Radar reports that he is not currently registered at Columbia for the fall semester (info it got from an official school spokesperson) but that the Weil family is pushing for the prodigal son’s return.
DealBreaker is offering at least a copy of Jack Welch’s Winning for sending in an entry to Daddy Weil’s business plan writing competition in which the plan is to ensure that Luke can never reproduce (put your creative ways of achieving this in the comments). Stamp a provocative title like "Who Wouldn't Invest in This?" on the thing and await victory.
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