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Breaking News: You can't leave finance

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Blame it on the rain (without the messy suicidal trappings of Rob or Fab) or the bleak Monday morning realization that it isn't a short week and that your bosses still haven't checked out for the summer and that you actually have work to do - but as it turns out you're stuck in finance. Check out what other jobs pay, or actually, don't check it out, it's too depressing. Thanks for that subtle poke - leaving finance is the first sure step toward pauperdom, especially in Manhattan.
Turns out that following that pipe dream (we realize many of you have PIPE dreams, but again, this assumes you're weeping on the floor in the fetal position of a 277 Park Ave bathroom stall and not enjoying it) is a bold, yet ultimately stupid move. Whether it's leaving your fund to become the Pirate Parrot (mascot salary - $35k, and not condescending to think that you'd want to be the Philly Phanatic), ditching banking to be the "let's get ready to rumble" equivalent of your own fledging ultimate fighting league (announcer salary - $33k, screw "the octagon," real fights go down in "the dodecahedron," (motto - more sides, better fights) although stupid Pay Per View still isn't biting), fleeing trading to oversee careless gambling in another form (gaming services salary - max $40k, and pretty tough to get tips past big brother when they're in chip form), or casting off equity research to ride a more predictable roller coaster (theme park employee salary - $14k) you're pretty much permanently cashing out.
The bars of that Weberian iron cage you've trapped yourself in just got thicker. Enjoy the "polar nights of icy darkness," or don't read the following article and convince yourself that being the world's first space veterinarian is the right move after all. Happy Monday!
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