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BX: The Opposite of Up

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Blackstone closed at $30.75 yesterday, down 5.2% for the day and below its $31 initial offering on Friday; shares fell to $30.48 during pre-market trading. This is embarrassing. Nobody (here) knows for certain why life is being so god damn unfair to Stephen Schwarzman, 5’6”, but perhaps it could have to do with the Schwarz’s outrageous pay package, the nebulous amount of disclosure about the actual content of the Blackstone funds, or the fact that equity investors haven’t been duped into thinking they are LPs.
This also might have something to do with it:

One particularly risqué segment posed a personnel problem more pressing than a potential shunning at Shinnecock. “The kid, Dylan, was either going to hump a chair or hump the nanny’s leg,” Holly [Peterson, Peter’s daughter] said. “As a mother, I wasn’t going to ask my kids or my friends’ kids to do that.” Hence, the dwarf. Jay [Peterson, Peter’s nephew] recalled, “We thought, why we don’t hire a little person? That should get some good laughs.

For his part, and for Blackstone’s sake, the elder Peterson had the decency (and good sense) to appear embarrassed:

Pete Peterson has been trying to distance himself from the video, saying last week via e-mail that he would never have agreed to lend his apartment had he known that “The Manny” was going to be filmed there, rather than, as he thought, a taped interview of his daughter."

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