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Charity Caption Contest Winner

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[photo : Lauren Lancaster, Veras Images, celebrate her whole catalog of banker pics]
It turns out, the thing on this hedge fund manager's mind is:
- Is that sunlight? Must be Saturday. (courtesy of "thain")
So "thain," wherever you are (your house in Rye or your NYSE office?), send us your info (tips at dealbreaker dot com) and we'll put you and a guest on the list. Or if you defer, we'll pick another winner. Yeah, so we're probably crashing the event ourselves, aren't we?
Regardless, everyone should go to the 2007 Summer Soiree to benefit Wall Street Volunteers at the Runway Lounge tonight from 8pm-11pm. You can buy a ticket here. Wall Street Volunteers connects Wall Street Professionals with non-profit organizations they can be passionate about. In other words it does all your philanthropic legwork for you so you can just cut checks and feel decent about yourself.
Thanks for participating. Some of the other captions we really liked:
- Where's my shirt? I guess I'll check the markets. (Great if the market weren't so hot right now (even after the past 2 days))
- Some day soon, those of us who are short are going to win big! (Still under debate, and it's tough to gauge the guy's actual size, as objects in bed can appear smaller than they are, especially in the minds of financial professionals)
- The sell-off in China is keeping me up at night. (They all look the same to you!)
- You're money's on the dresser, Levin (Bess prefers Blatinos)
- I have no legs (a paradox - it's not funny if it's true (well, it kinda is but we can't admit it))
- I wonder what Kumar's up to... (if only this were a personal blog)
- I really hope these pics won't end up on DealBreaker. (Send us embarrassing pictures of your finance industry friends, at tips at dealbreaker dot com and we'll do a caption contest based on them)