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CNBC Makes Amends for ‘McEnroe Show’ With Hot Girl

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There comes a time in every Amherst student’s life when she must put aside the feelings of hate that stir in her body for the vile weed that is Williams College and say, in the face of Williams alum Erin Burnett: this chick is hot. And also, according to those tracking the not-yet-existing rivalry between CNBC and the Fox Business Channel, CNBC’s secret weapon in the hasn’t-happened-yet brouhaha with Fox Business Channel in an alleyway that has yet to be determined. Broadcasting and Cable profiles EB today for serious and fair-weather fans alike. We’ll get right down to it:
+ She wakes up at 5 am
+ Since making her debut on Squawk during its relaunch in December 2005, the program is up 142% over first quarter 2006 in adults 25-54; Street Signs is up 57% in the demo.
+ Erin is energetic
+ Erin is solicitous
+ Erin is not fawning
+ Maria 2.0 will take over for Maria when gravity takes its toll
+ Burns was voted “Most Likely To Host a Talk Show”
+ Had (has?) a crush on Dan Rather
+ Also had a crush on CNN’s Willow Bay, who offered her a job when she was working at Goldman.
+ Lives on the Upper West Side (no specs beyond somewhere between 66th and 79th/Central Park West and Riverside but we’ve got someone working on it. Inquire within after 4).
+ Favorite books: The Historian, Mad Money: Watch TV, Get Rich
+ Likes: short walks in the park, squash (the sport), Mark Haines, first-year analysts
+ Dislikes: bear markets, natural gas traders, quants, dill
Pretty hot stuff. But, thing of it is, everything’s a matter of taste. Some of you might now be making use of the handicapped bathroom, others saying, "Erin’s well and good, but I prefer to sink my teeth into Italian." There was a theory going around these parts on Friday morning that Burns and a certain Times reporter had a wild night after co-hosting Kudlow and Company together, as they were both seen looking a little rough around the edges (compared to their usually sparkling selves) the next morning on air. We’re not saying, we’re just saying. Point is: we don’t tell anyone how to live their lives. We’re in the Burnett camp, you might not be. Some people (who are freaks) might not like a girl who rides bulls. We’ve asked this question once before, but people change, body parts sag, tides turn and sometimes, you just want some strange love. So:

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[Ed's note: Alexis Glick-- that was a test.]
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