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Did the Zuckerbergs shave their legs for this?

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Meredith Viera, who got rejected from Harvard, interviewed Harvard dropout and paper billionaire Mark Zuckerberg on the Today Show, in a strangely smiley /flirty /happy /clappy /slightly unnerving affair. Zuckerberg's mom and sister, who is employed by Facebook, were standing by with paper million dollar grins, looking especially smiley. Fortunately, sugar relative Zuckerberg didn't compromise his core values, centered around casual dress and sandal wearing, for a national television audience. Meredith Viera gushed over the beauteous low maintenance of it all (score one for the Facebook PR team), and the two exchanged giddy glances over obscene wealth to come. I don't even know what to make of the interview, but let's just say - things got weird.
In other news, if you haven't heard, Facebook now supports widgets, which are supported by several other less market-savvy social networks and web platforms. Many are underwhelmed at the 2-week old functionality of the new "platform," which is, granted, 2 weeks old.
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