Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley Banker Prefers Dinner Over Sex With Blackstone Debutante Novelist


Remember that big party we got thrown out of? Apparently it devolved into something of a roast of Holly Peterson, the daughter of Blackstone Group co-founder Pete Peterson. At one point the "stone" himself joined in, saying his daughter is "the most egregious self-promoter in America."
But the rich really are different. As they say, they have sex less often. (The jury is still out on whether they do it with fewer clothes on.) Here's the New York Post's Liz Smith writing about Holly and her husband's intimacy issues.

Holly's handsome husband, Rick Kimball, thanked his wife for keeping her maiden name and not putting his on her novel. He has been trying to keep people where he works from finding out who he is married to.
He noted that Holly told him when slaving over the book: "From here on in, it's either dinner or sex, but not both!" Rick quipped that it was lonely to eat dinner by himself every night. Holly grabbed and kissed him in the middle of his remarks.

Last time we checked, Rick Kimball worked at Morgan StanleyGoldman Sachs.
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