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Goldman stops at nothing to win models and bottles

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Goldman reigns supreme, most recently at a Gramercy Park Hotel Private Roof Club charity quiz to benefit Darna, an organization that provides aid to women and children in Tangier. The event featured a bunch of sponsored teams that went from room to room answering questions in the requisite trivial pursuit categories (Science & Nature, The World, History, Sports, Pop Culture, Arts & Entertainment, Wild Cards). The Goldman team had the highest score, and won a trip to Morocco to stay in the family villa of model Jacquetta Wheeler, the host of the event. The Goldman team took the event pretty seriously, and had the fanciest outfits, according to the Daily Intelligencer:

"We're investment-bank nerds, so we spent pretty much a month planning our outfits," said a member of the Goldman Sachs team. "We had wardrobe consultations on conference calls."

We suspect the event was rigged, evidenced by these sample questions from the quiz after the jump (you can download the full question list here).
Are You Smarter Than a Goldman Banker? [Daily Intelligencer, New York Magazine]

Here are some of the more blatantly rigged questions (each one with correct answer “e”). Non I-bankers, especially non-Goldmanites, never had a chance.
What did Alexander the Great forbid his soldiers to wear because they were dangerously easy for enemies to grab hold of?
a. earrings
b. pendants
c. beards
d. capes
e. BlackBerries
George Washington was inaugurated as President of the USA in:
a. Washington DC
b. Philadelphia
c. New York
d. Richmond
e. the shadow of 85 Broad Street
What animal is most closely related to Tyrannosaurus Rex?
a. Gila Monster
b. Alligator
c. Chicken
d. Albatross
e. The TMT staffer
Which best characterizes the art movement known as Expressionism?
a. The depiction of emotion through formal, rigid composition.
b. The depiction of emotion through the use of vivid colours and strong, distorted lines.
c. The capturing of fleeting light on an object.
d. The capturing of facial expressions.
e. Hank Paulson’s face
Where is the largest stone pyramid in the world?
a. Mexico
b. Egypt
c. Oman
d. Guatemala
e. Hank Paulson’s face
Name the chemicals produced by the body which trigger a response from the opposite sex?
a. aphrodisiacs
b. pheremones
c. endocrines
d. ectoplasm
e. none of the above: what is the opposite sex?
How many bones in the human body?
a. 77
b. 108
c. 206
d. 276
e. 206 + your current associate’s
Which of these is the longest?
a. 1 yard
b. 37 inches
c. 3.1 feet
d. 1 metre
e. your penis
What famous document begins: "When in the course of human events..."?
a. The Declaration of Independence
b. The Bill of Rights
c. The Gettysburg Address
d. The U.S. Constitution
e. The S-1 for the Google IPO (also the GS Partner Agreement)
Name the fifth planet from the sun.
a. Pluto
b. Mercury
c. Jupiter
d. Saturn
e. You