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How The Hedgies Are Spending Summer

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What are hedge fund mangers doing this summer? According to Forbes, buying BMWs in hideous colors (even though the blurb says Aston Martin). They also have plans to spend $82,000 on watches and jewelry, $446,000 on yacht rentals, and $77,000 for luxury spas. Some of them are allotting an average of $96,000 to companies like, a firm that creates vacation packages that are off-beat and quirky so that people with no interests can simulate personalities.
These vacays run the gamut, from heliskiing in Chile to anaconda hunting in the Amazon. The firm also offers the option of “BlackBerry-free zone” packages for those who have not yet mastered the On/Off button. For $159,000, will send you to Iceland for a two-night stay in an ice house with meals provided by a “top chef” flown in for the occasion. For an extra $250,000 you can light him on fire, though Loeb is reportedly the only one who's shelled out the extra cash for that so far.
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