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Is Microsoft about to be mauled by a Safari animal (not a Leopard)?

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Steve Jobs announced yesterday that Apple is going to release a new version of its Safari web browser that runs on Windows. The free downloadable test Windows version of Safari on Apple’s website is still laden with glitches, according to initial Wall Street Journal reports. Safari commands 5% of the web browser market, lagging well behind Internet Explorer (78%) and Firefox (15%).
The other developer creamcicle-worthy announcement made by Jobs is that Apple plans on letting programmers create software for the iPhone, although through the iPhone’s version of the Safari browser.
Even though Apple has everyone on Safari, it doesn’t want you to see the Leopards. Jobs announced that Apple will delay the launch the Leopard OS for Macintosh until October. The Leopard was originally scheduled to be unleashed this month.
Apple to Move Deeper Into Microsoft Turf With Windows Browser [Wall Street Journal]