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Is That Guy Whose Company's Stock Is Set To Be Priced Tonight A Big Jerk?

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Can I be honest for the first time in my life? I’ve never met Stephen Schwarzman. Nor I have I talked on the phone with him or engaged in any sort of IM conversation (but if you’re reading this Steves, it’s ohbabyitsbess and I’m waiting). So I can’t speak to whether or not he’s an asshole.
Of late, though, and especially today, that seems to be the consensus. In the Observer, Chris Shott apparently believes that Schwarzman is such a jerk that a scam had to be devised to make him seem like a nice guy who likes kids, wherein his daughter gave birth to twins while he was at the Pierre Hotel to lay out the Blackstone IPO, and he had to leave for the hospital. The weasel.
And on Tuesday Daniel Gross penned a profile about Schwarzman called “The Golden Ass.” He submits that:
•Schwarzman has practically been begging for attention.
•I wasn't invited [to Schwarzman’s birthday party], but my gift would have been a first edition of Christopher Lasch's Culture of Narcissism.)”
•He may have single-handedly ignited class warfare that will beggar himself and his Park Avenue neighbors.
•He is a titan of self-indulgence
•His public image to date is that of an ungracious, vain yutz.
•He's like an NBA player who, having gone the length of a court for a slam-dunk with the game already put away, starts trash-talking, jumps atop the scorers' table, gestures obscenely at opposing fans, pinches a cheerleader, chest-bumps the referee, sticks his tongue out at the camera, all while grabbing his crotch and yelling loudly that he's the man.
Oh, and I once saw him gesture like he was going to give a homeless man a dollar bill and then light it on fire. And he eats crabs valued at $40/leg.
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