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It Belongs in A Museum

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The advertising revenue DealBreaker doesn’t pay out to its summer interns is typically spent on Dot-Com Bubble-era relics. Our modest museum includes Gary Winnick's Aeron chair and a few dozen yards of fiber-optic cable. We are working to acquire the lock and chain used to close the Webvan warehouse.
It was quite a shock then to find this on eBay, a genuine Post-It Notes Cube. Yeah, the one that went belly-up in the 2001 movie, “” And at a starting bid of 99 cents it's a steal!


Don't Get Him Wrong, Carl Icahn Loves The Ladies, But They Don't Belong In A Boardroom!

It is chair*man*, not chair*lady*. And that is a scientific fact.

BATS Owns It

If you're looking for contrition from BATS Global Markets following its revelation that it's been screwing up hundreds of thousands of trades and violating rules for about four years, you'll be disappointed. The latest exchange forced to publicly admit incompetence says it's going to try to fix things, but that customers (and, presumably, the SEC) occasional snafu.