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Jeffrey Epstein Allegedly Still Has Clout at Harvard

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We hadn’t heard anything from massage enthusiast Jeffrey Epstein in a while so we decided to check in with Page Six to see what was new with the old boy. Not that much. Certainly no news on the criminal charges against him involving, well, the creative combination of young girls in Palm Beach and massage therapy. But apparently he’s quasi-involved in a little fight over at Harvard concerning a cancelled speech, evolution and a tourist who just can’t get enough of the country formerly known as the Switzerland of the Middle East.
Rutgers University biologist Robert Trivers alleges that Epstein and his friend Alan Dershowitz used their “clout” and a little elbow grease to get a talk that Trivers was to deliver at Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics cancelled. Why would Epstein and Dershowitz want to shut down Trivers?
According to Trivers, it’s because he called Dershowitz a “Nazi-like apologist” for his “rationalization of Israeli attacks on Lebanese civilians.” Trivers also claims that Dershowitz, who is Epstein’s defense lawyer against those charges from 2006 for the solicitation of prostitutes, is a “barroom brawler” and has threatened to “beat Trivers up.”
[Editor's note: That was clearly and egregiously wrong. As many of our commenters pointed out, it is absolutely not credible that anyone would describe Dershowitz as a barroom brawler. And it seems unlikely that many people would be physically intimidated by the Harvard law professor. In fact, according to Page Six, it was Dershowitz who called Trivers a brawler. We offer our apologies to Dershowitz. And to Trivers for implying he might have been afraid of getting beat up by Dershowitz. And, of course, to you, our readers, who were misinformed by our reporting on the story.]
But what's most shocking about all this is that Epstein still has the "clout" to get anything canceled at Harvard. Those folks didn't admit Warren Buffett but they let Epstein tell them who shouldn't be allowed to give a lecture?
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