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Kobi Alexander Genuinely Cares About Namibia Because He Is Jewish

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Kobi Alexander’s extradition hearing in Namibia is happening today (might’ve already happened, not sure with the time difference). The biggest charge in his 35-count federal indictment is money laundering. But he may not be going downtown for his little fraud dealings. Why? Since he fled to his African hideaway last October, Alexander’s been building affordable housing units, setting up scholarships for gifted students, and generally doing good humanitarian-type stuff*. The kind of stuff that might perhaps save one from those damn U.S. white-collar criminal courts. Someone had to say it.
And apparently we’re not the only cynical assholes to think this might be the case. CNBC’s Senior African Extradition Hearing Correspondent and Windhoek Bureau Chief, Scott Cohn, wondered aloud yesterday, “Of all the places in the world that need help with education, why Namibia? Could it be because in this young country—just 17 years old—money laundering, per se, is not a crime?"
According to Alexander’s attorney, absolutely not. Kobi’s not trying to buy off Namibia. As “an Israeli citizen,” Richard Metcalfe said yesterday, “Alexander is continuing the esteemed Jewish tradition of t’zedakah-- good works, charity, empowering those less fortunate.”
Update: Hearing postponed to June 25.
Reporter's Diary: 'Kobi' Alexander's Namibia [CNBC]
*with what not a few people believe is shareholder money.