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Lloyd Blankfein Has No Idea What It's Like To Be A First-Year Analyst

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Have you ever thought your boss’s boss’s boss an incompetent jerk, completely out of touch with reality and only in touch with his bloated compensation package and secretary’s ass? Would you like him to walk a mile in your shoes? Perhaps you ought to suggest to someone that the ogre who signs your checks should voluntarily spend a day working alongside the company plebes (i.e. you), just to feel what you feel. According to the Wall Street Journal, it’s a “trend” that’s gaining in popularity, “thanks to a new breed of hands-on CEOs keen to stay closely in touch with their troops.”
So far, the biggest names involved are Walt Disney, Continental, Sysco, and, but wouldn’t it be radical if some first-year analyst at 277 Park could get Dimon across the street and to the 2nd floor (or as we like to call it, the reverse penthouse, where we’re told by reliable sources it smells like Cheetos and feet), making excels and grabbing ankles with the team? If a brash young trader at SAC could get Stevie Cohen off his high horse so he could see how the other half lives? We don’t need to tell you the joy it would bring to the DealBreaker Headquarters to hear that Tom Hudson had to swab his own deck, water his own hanging plants.
A word of caution to those considering guinea-pigging their CEOs—Harlan Cleaver, chief information officer of DaVita notes that it wasn’t until after he enrolled in Reality 101 that he “really realized how incompetent entry-level people are.”
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