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Meet Joel Sendek

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Joel’s a Lazard sell-side analyst. He’s like you, if you’re a sell-side analyst working at Lazard who puts your opinions about whether investors should buy, hold or sell bio-tech stocks into voicemail power ballads. Biogen? To the Stones’ “Satisfaction”: “…some useless documentation supposed to protect me from litigation…I can’t get no Tysabri-faction.” Genentech? To Rupert Holmes’s “Pina Colada” (/Jimmy Buffett’s “Escape”): “If you like pina coladas, and think binary clinical risk is insane.” Amgen? To the Kinks’ “Destroyer”: “I met a drug called Cera and took her back to my place. Feeling guilty, feeling scared, hidden cameras everywhere…Cera-noia! The destroya! Cera-noia.” Joel can't say exactly where the inspiration for his songs come from (drugs). Could be during bike rides in Westchester (meth lab), or after "a grueling week of earnings reports sends him into 30-minute writing trances" (crack den). Either way, his ditties are apparently “talked about and forwarded for days.” Listen here (and here) and tell us for yourself: Crazy? Or is it so sane that it just blew your mind? Impossible? Or is it so possible that your head is spinning like a top? Can’t it be? Or can it, and your entire world is just crashing down all around you?
The Weird Al of Wall Street [Fortune]