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Philip Goldstein Will Only Call You an Idiot in Private, Scratch Your Eyes Out in the Metaphoric Sense

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Not sure if this was made clear to the Dealbreaker audience, but we follow a strict journalistic moral code over here. We’re not afraid to say when we’ve gotten something wrong, especially when the call for a correction is even better than the original iteration of the story. Philip Goldstein, who was outright robbed in yesterday’s “Who’s the #1 activist hedge-fund manager bully?” (pulling in a paltry 3.3% of the vote), recently sent word in reference to a post insinuating that he’d made a conference call participant cry in her cubicle after he’d called her a “useful idiot” to her boss, and, during a shareholder meeting concerning a deal with Brantley Capital, had yelled “you motherfuckers aren’t going to get away with this,” causing a full-on cage fight to ensue.

I did lose my cool and curse the chairman at the Brantley annual meeting in Cleveland when he refused to let my partners in after we had flown in from New York to attend the meeting. There was no physical fight.
I only recall using the phrase “useful idiots” to refer to ISS in the SEC filing below relating to Captec Net Lease Realty although I might have used it privately to refer to some (not all) staffers at the SEC that uncritically accept whatever management’s lawyers say. I never said anything on a conference call and unless the ISS analyst cried unbeknownst to me after I filed it (I don’t recall if it was a woman), I assume that part is simply untrue but I can’t say for sure.
If there is anyone I haven't offended, I apologize.
Phillip Goldstein