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Regarding Avandia trial members: it's medical experiments for the lot of you

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As we all know from crazy drug adverts that actually tell you what a drug does (as opposed to nebulous neon butterflies that land on you when you're sleeping and lay neon caterpillar larvae in your ear that hatch in your brain and do something with your seratonin levels), drugs have side effects. Lots of side effects - from the comical (anal leakage, four hour erections, a permanent blue haze) to the slightly less comical (bleeding from the eyes, shitting from the mouth, pancreatic coughing).
One side effect that I've never heard (or that I'm sure has gotten many an advertising campaign team fired) is "increased risk of DEATH." According to one study, use of the GlaxoSmithKline diabetes drug Avandia may increase your risk of dying, most often from your heart exploding. The study was completed by Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Steven Nissen.
Fortunately, for the many people involved in Avandia's phase III trails, preliminary results of a large clinical trial of Avandia called Record rebuke the exploding internal organs claim made by the Nissen study and affirm trial participants that spontaneous life cessation is unlikely. Several parties are, unsurprisingly, a bit uneasy over the mild discrepancy in study results, including the FDA, which has scheduled a meeting of experts to talk about Avandia and other diabetes drugs on July 30th, on pay-per view.
The Avandia trial is expected to wrap up in 2008.
Analysis of Avandia Finds No Increased Risk of Death [Wall Street Journal]


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