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Rich People Are Awesome

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We here at DealBreaker don’t usually take part in the Goldman-hate for Goldman-hate sake that seems to pervade the financial community and its outliers. We don’t have the testosterone fueled rage that makes us want to simultaneously kill someone and make out with them. And, of course, there's always JSC.
But this whole Jim Chanos of Kynikos versus Marc Spilker from Goldman Sachs, hedge fund/investment bank/hedgerow smackdown seems to have one clear villain, whose sense of entitlement is rivaled only by his ability to ignore legal documents.
After the jump, you'll find the 1982 resolution that seems to back-up Jim Chanos's extraordinary claim that his Goldman Sachs neighbor cannot just roll in with a team of landscapers and rip out his hedges to make way for a wider bath to the beach. Sometimes even managing directors can't get everything they want.
It's not just the residents of Further Lane who are edge about this. Yesterday it reached all the way into Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. In a segment about the hedge row, CNBC's Charlie Gasparino snapped at Erin Burnett “I’m trying to do real work here." Gasparino just cannot abide landscaping gone wrong.
(More or less completely unrelated: Spilker’s Hamptons neighbor on the other side is Stevie Cohen, whose shrubs nobody has the balls to uproot.)