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Rich People Are Awesome, Cheap

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You probably didn’t need more proof that we live in a Godforsaken world, full of disease, famine, senseless death, misery, torture, pain and a dwindling small mouth bass population. But you’re about to get it. Greenwich Time reports that a fundraising goal of $500,000, set in 2004 by the Griffith E. Harris Memorial Golf Course, has not yet been met. In fact, efforts to gather funds so desperately needed for a new pro shop, administrative offices and a ticket booth, in addition to repairs to aging buildings have stalled at a mere $125,000. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration by any means to say that the conditions up in Connecticut are reminiscent of post-Katrina New Orleans, but with more displaced black people.
There are a few people who deserved to be shamed, their gross negligence having basically caused the spread of AIDs in Africa. But we can’t do that because need them to open up their checkbooks and make a difference. Paul Tudor Jones. Stevie Cohen. Edward Lampert. Not so much Maounis. He might be low on cash.
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