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Runners not as challenged on Day 2

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Lehman may have dominated day one of the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge, but day 2 was more bearish for bankers, and bullish for GlaxoSmithKline. Day 2 also featured faster times overall.
GlaxoSmithKline was responsible for two explosive runs on the women’s side, courtesy of over the counter diet drug Alli, and the fact that the top two finishers, both from GSK, did not bring a pair of dark running shorts. Jessie Webb ran a 20:03 and Christa Meyer ran a 20:24, losing an impressive 7 pounds.
The only banker in the women’s top five was Sumitomo’s Katarina Melville who finished in third with a 20:27. Only a financial services employee, accustomed to much longer periods of getting shat on, was able to draft the GSK girls so closely.
Andy Bishop from GSK finished in fifth for the men with an 18:40.
The top two male finishers from last year squared off in the same race this time, and finished in the same order. Karl Dusen from AIG ran a 17:25 and John Traugott of Credit Suisse ran a 17:48. Dusen finished with the top overall time (too early to start “Dynasty” talk?), while Traugott’s time was 6 seconds off yesterday’s top finisher, placing him in third overall.
Click here to take a photographic journey of the race.
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