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Second Largest SPAC Ever, Best Management Team Ever

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For the first time ever, the words "former VP Dan Quayle and former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz," are not the setup to a joke (punchline - because I just gave the lineman a potatoe). Instead Dan & Lou, and CEO of K2 Richard Heckmann, are planning to raise up to $500mm for a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company). Heckmann is planning on leaving K2 by August 1.
SPACs are publicly raised entities that provide a virtual blank check for a management company to make an acquisition. The acquisition doesn't have to specified beforehand, although there are strict limits on when a target must be designated, and when a SPAC needs to spring into action (or else it would be the greatest scam ever). Why investors would want to give Quayle and Holtz a blank check is anyone's guess. I guess a few companies could use more heart and less brains (Quayle plans to make "Rudy" a managing director).
The largest SPAC is Freedom Acquisition Holdings, which raised $528mm last Decemember. SPACs have raised $4.1bn in 33 IPOs this year, taking advantage of the blank check fervor created by the planned and executed IPOs of hedge and PE funds.
Quayle has been busy as chairman of the global investment unit at Cerberus since 1999 and Holtz has been saying nonsensical things on ESPN since retirement.
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