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See Banker Run

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The JPMorgan Corporate Challenge kicks off tonight in Central Park at 7:00pm with the first of two 3.5 mile races. The event, which started in New York in 1977, is now held in 12 cities on five continents with over 200,000 participants from 7,000 organizations.
The banks make up a large portion of the 15,000 race registrants. Here are the registration numbers for the top five:
Morgan Stanley – 1,605
JPMorgan – 1,450
Lehman – 800
Goldman – 550
Citi – its own version of the 1980 Olympics, boycotts on principle
Goldman limited its roster to 550 after almost 800 employees tried to register, according to the bank’s fitness center manager. Does anyone know why Goldman had to limit its registrants (and please tell me they had tryouts or cuts to determine who made the final 550)?
Last year, of the major banks, CSFB has the most outstanding individual performer - ’03 Harvard alum and track captain, John Traugott, who is an associate in the equity capital markets group. Traugott had the 2nd fastest time overall in the men’s division over the two races with a 17:48.
Karl Dusen of AIG posted the fastest overall time in the second race with 17:05 and Joseph Mcveigh of Morgan Stanley posted the 3rd best time with 18:18.
If anyone has any fun corporate challenge stories, or is planning to pull a Jeff Gillooly on John Traugott, please comment or drop a line to 'tips at dealbreaker dot com.'
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