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Sleazy McSleaze Now Even Sleazier Overstock’s Over-Reaching Smells A Little Bit Like Blackmail

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DealBreaker readers probably need no introduction to and the shenanigans of its officers. Frankly, we’ve left off talking about the faltering company because it had almost succeeded in making mockery impossible. What do you do when a CEO is complaining about “Sith Lords” and a company is bleeding board members like a European royal with a paper cut. It’s such a joke that there aren’t any more jokes to make.
But just when we thought that things could get much worse over there, things get much worse. Gary Weiss brings to our attention the most recent activities of Overstock’s chief propagandist, Judd Bagley. It seems that Bagley has been threatening to out a message critic of Overstock in an effort to chill criticism of the company. (After the jump, read Bagley’s blackmail-ish letter).
And now he’s made good on the threat. Embarrassingly for Overstock, however, the critic they’ve outed is not exactly a member of a cabal of Wall Street short sellers who have it out for Overstock. He’s just a regular guy from Connersville, Indiana who went public with his opinions about the company.
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From: Judd Bagley
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 11:51:26 PM
Subject: just thought I'd ask...
I thought I should tell you that I've have known your real identity for a while now.
Up until last week, it appeared that you'd grown tired of o-smear and all the games (which would make "outting" you unnecessary) but lately it appears that's not the case.
I don't want to cause anybody unnecessary harm, but I'm beyond tired of the lies.
If you choose to continue as you have been, I will write about you on In doing so, my goal is not to intimidate, but to let you own your words; under those circumstances, I think the lies will take care of themselves.
Having said that, I'm also very much aware of the impact this could have on your reputation, especially where you live, and I feel obligated to offer you a way out. So, if you're ready to set things right, I'll keep your name to myself and figure we'll both be karmically better off for it.
I look forward to your response (and will be PMing this to your IV account, as well).
Judd Bagley