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Stalking Brian Hunter The Incredible Adventures of Naked Shorts

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While it’s true that Brian Hunter lost a record-setting $6 billion in two weeks, that was other people’s money. He still got to keep the hundreds of millions he earned running the energy trading desk at Amaranth in happier times. And there are rumors that he's raised hundreds of millions from Arab investors to fire up his new hedge fund, Solengo. So we were more than a bit shocked to learn from Greg Newton that Hunter has opened up shop in a worn-down strip-mall on the outskirts of town.
Newton, who mans the helm of the Naked Shorts blog, writes that he took a trip up to Calgary over the weekend to scope out the new space. The Solengo Headquarters are conveniently located a stone’s throw from “George’s Barber Shop” (which is closed indefinitely) and a colon hydrotherapist, according to Newton.
We don't want to ruin a good gag, but we're not sure that any of this took place outside of Newton's head. To begin with, we're pretty sure you can't really open the windows on a G-V. Although DealBook seems convinced it did.
The neighborhood’s gone to hell [Naked Shorts]