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Steve Schwarzman Takes Over the New York Public Library

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Yesterday the Blackstone Group announced that it was fast-tracking its initial public offering, so that shares in the private equity group will start trading under the ticker symbol BX a week earlier than planned. So how did Blackstone co-founder Stephen Schwarzman spend the night before this big announcement? He went to a party.
As we mentioned earlier, Monday night the New York Public Library held it’s annual corporate dinner, and Schwarzman was the guest of honor. DealBreaker Senior Library Correspondent Scott Bressler reports from the party.

Monday night DealBreaker got me on the list for Steve Schwarzman's bash at the New York Public Library. I was on the press list along with legends like Bill Cunningham from the NYT Sunday Style On The Street spread, as well as others from CNBC. Considering the media spectacle that good ole Stevie has made of himself lately, I'm surprised there was no giant platter of over-priced crab claws (though none of the waiters had squeaky shoes).
The first hour of the event was a cocktail party in Astor Hall (beautiful space for those who aren't familiar with it). Of course everyone there, as members of our cities finest waspy elite, is a major contributor to the NYPL (and I'm not talking about sneaking in through the Young Lions on the cheap).
I snapped plenty of photos of The Man Himself, Mr. Schwarzman during the cocktail hour, and got a few of some of the other big-wigs such as Donald Marron, Jimmy Lee, and Sam Butler. Just as I was leaving, Maria Bartiromo, a speaker for the event, came in with her husband, Jonathan Steinberg.
Photos after the jump.
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