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Summer Reading List: Announcing the DealBreaker Book Club

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The arrival of summer weather in NYC had a lot of people heading for the beach this weekend. But before spending time courting cancer in the summer sun, we always stop off at the bookstore to pick up a book to break-up the time between smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. It helps if you can get your pals to read the same book so that when you do feel the need to talk to each other you have something to discuss.
The first book on DealBreaker’s summer reading list is Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s The Black Swan. We read his previous book, Fooled by Randomness, with a combination of fascination, wonder and annoyance. So we’re looking forward to cracking the spine on his new work.
We hope you’ll join us. We’re going to do this book club style. Our Summer Reading List items will be done as a conversation between DealBreaker writers, with commenters joining in below the post. We may even have a few guest posts by readers, commenters and others who decide to join us. (If you want to be one of the first readers to join in as a guest writer for the Reading List, email us at
The discussion begins tomorrow so be sure to pick up your copy today.