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The Bancrofts Come Back To The Table

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It looks like the Bancroft family blinked first, issuing a proposal on editorial independence to NewsCorp today. Murdoch’s not likely to agreed to the proposal, however. Even the Bancroft’s don’t sound too hopeful, noting that “This is not a done deal.”
Reporting on itself, the Journal said that negotiations between Murdoch and the Bancrofts would only continue if family is convinced that it has safeguarded. But it’s safe to say that Murdoch acquisition ambitions moved one step closer to reality with this move by the Bancrofts. One rule of negotiating deals it that the side that comes back to the table first certainly isn’t looking to walk away altogether.
Also, last week Dow Jones granted 135 managers eligibility for severance pay in the event of new ownership. As part of this move, Dow Jones CEO Richard Zannino's current golden parachute, which is worth $19.5 million would increase by 20%-30%. Nothing like promising management a payday to get them behind the deal.
Both these events would have moved the needle on the Murdoch meter if not for the ominous sign that arose yesterday: Jim Cramer started giving unsolicited advice to Murdoch. This clearly spells trouble. Any progress from the Bancroft move and the new golden parachutes was completely erased by the entrance of the first citizen of Cramerica.
[This report filed by Senior Rupert Murdoch correspondent Peter Ribic.]
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