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The Bear Stearns Debacle: Market Manipulation or Fair Play A DealBreaker Reader Poll

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It seems that opinions are divided about the market manipulation charges hedge fund managers have leveled against Bear Stearns. Basically, Bear Stearns stands accused of bailing out troubled mortgage holders in order to prop-up its long-positions in the credit default swap market. The ethics of this practice will be debated at some point by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association. But right now, no one really knows whether there is anything illegal or immoral about the alleged Bear Stearns conduct. No one except you.
That’s right. We’re going to decide this issue in advance of the ISDA meeting by polling the smartest people in the room: our readers. After the jump, please vote on whether Bear Stearns has overstepped the bounds or is simply playing the game better than the hedge funds.

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