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The Other Blackstone Party Tonight

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So what if the initial public offering is pricing tonight? Who can even worry about a bunch of Senators who think it's not fair that Steve Schwarzman’s tax rate is lower than the guy who makes his $400 crab salads? Tonight’s real Blackstone action is happening at the book party for Holly Petersen, the socialite daughter of Blackstone co-founder Pete Peterson, at Four Seasons. Peterson has written a book called The Manny, a roman a clef novel about wealth, sex and wealthy sex. (You know how it goes: less often but with less clothes on.)
To promote the novel the publisher has also put together the music video above, set in the sumptuous apartment of Blackstone’s Peterson at River House on East 52nd Street. The video opens with an investment banking type ignoring his wife’s plea for attention while he taps away at his Blackberry. Enter the Manny, the white knight who comes to fulfill the unmet needs of an upper east side woman wife with a driver from Jamaica, a tailor from Hong Kong, a super from Costa Rica, a maid named Wong, and two illegal alien nannies. It’s a hard-knock life in the one-double-oh-two-one.
Oh, and Holly? What else do you need to know about her? The heiress daughter is described as having “upper east side connections and a downtown sensibility”—which, we’re told, is exactly what the bouncers at the Box are told to look for when deciding who gets in. (None of those LES riffraff, please. Shouldn’t those people all be in Williamsburg by now?) And, of course, she cleared over a million from the publisher who signed her for the deal.
When it rains, it pours, as they say. And when you are the daughter of the founder of Blackstone, apparently it pours money.