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The Times Has It In For Murdoch

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The New York Times will soon publish an extended investigative report on Murdoch’s global media dealings, the New York Observer is reporting. According to the Observer, the multi-bureau piece has been in the works since the NewsCorp.-Dow Jones deal was announced last month and was led by the Times’ managing editor Jill Abramson.
An unnamed source at the Times said that, in addition to Abramson, media reporter Richard Siklos, investigative editor Matt Purdy and reporters from New York, London and Beijing have been working on the article that is reported to be 3,500-plus words. It’s unclear whether the piece will contain any revelations, although it’s hard to imagine that many brains and legal pads not coming up with something juicy after nearly two months.
The Times would not comment to DealBreaker on the story.
Since the NewsCorp deal was announced, the parts of the Times that aren't it's Business Section has often been critical of the media mogul’s influence over his newspaper holdings’ editorial boards. On June 10, the Times published an editorial saying, “Most of us who still work for a family-controlled newspaper like The Times lament another news organization’s loss of protection from political currents and the unfettered demands of quarterly earnings.”
The Business Section of the paper has shown a schadenfreudistic enthusiasm for the deal. We get the feeling they aren't too broken up that their downtown rivals may soon be working for Murdoch.

Times Undertakes Multi-Bureau Rupert Murdoch Investigation
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