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The Two Towers

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With construction of its new JPMorganChase tower at WTC Site 5, Jamie Dimon can resume his rightful place at the top of the Greek Orthodox Church. Never one to be called anything but a strict constructionist, the belly of the DimonDome plans to rest over St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and 165 feet over Liberty Park.
The building concept (pictured left), from Kohn Pederson Fox and The Real Estate, is being criticized as not only a good picnic spoiler but a bit of an eyesore, and may be pared back, according to architect Gene Kohn. The cantilever is a "beer belly" according to the New York Post and a "tower of darkness" according to Curbed.
Despite public opinion (the JPMorgan way!), the cantilever will exist at all costs, and contain JPMorgan's trading floors. JPMorgan plans on doling out a few million to the Greeks to keep them quietly in the shadow of the 42 story tower and amidst the whooshing lament of the vortex of lost souls.
One upping JPMorgan is the new Goldman Sachs World Headquarters (pictured right) at 43 stories down the street at West Street between Vesey and Murray (Battery Park Site 26). The tower, which has several more lateral bumps than a measly lone cantilever, is already 8 stories high under construction and expected to open in 2009. If the JPMorgan tower is the "tower of darkness" then Goldman HQ is the tower of light, or at least greenery, as the building is being prided as a marvel in green-tech and earning all sorts of eco-friendly certifications.

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