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Todd Thomson Will Return To Wall Street (When His Vacation Is Over)

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You remember Todd Thomson, the guy who got fired from Citigroup for either too loosely spending the company dime on Maria Bartiromo or because Chuck Prince needed a scapegoat to distract people from Citi’s performance (are C shareholders as easily distracted by someone getting canned as Jim Cramer is by his reflection?)? Even though he’s on his I’m-sorry-I-cheated-and-lost-my-job vacation with his family (a safari in South Africa), the old boy checked in with to say that he’s got plans to work in private equity.
Interestingly enough, Thomson told the news site that he believes himself to have “a clean and good track record.” Okay, sure. And getting funds shouldn’t be too difficult, given TT’s “business contacts and high-net-worth relationships.”
Ex-Citi Hot Shot Thomson Mulls a Private-Equity Comeback [thestreet .com]