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Tonight Rich Marin Dines In Hell!

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You know that ‘private’ blog written by Rich Marin, the head of the Bear Stearns group that ran the two hedge funds that have been causing all the trouble lately? Well, thanks to Google’s cache function, it’s a little less private.
The cached blog post gives us a peak inside the mindset at the embattled bank. Marin describes it as a “dog fight” but seems to revel in the combat. He uses a picture from the recent film 300—in which a small band of Spartans fights against the army of the Persian empire—to illustrate the post.
“This pretty much sums up my last two weeks trying to defend Sparta against the Persians hordes of Wall Street,” Marin writes. “Nothing like a good dog fight 24X7 for a few weeks to remind you why you chose the life you chose. The good news is that after two embattled weeks both I and my loyal staff are still standing to fight another day. If youwant details....pick up any WSJ for the past week and we were in the top three stories every day. It's nice to know you can have an impact on the time I'll try to make it a slightly more positive impact.”
Marin might want to rethink his analogy. Thebattle of Thermopylae depicted in the film ended with the deaths of all of the Spartan warriors. We're sure he hopes that the current crisis passes with fewer casualties.
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