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What the Amp'd bankruptcy means for you

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I don't know where the news media's head is today, but it certainly is scrambling to find some way to do its business. First you can't bask in the wonders of 8th avenue (Google is watching), then you can't use your home computer for the sole reason it exists (Microsoft is watching) and now the next obvious go-to device (your mobile) won't come good on its promises of providing relief. Amp'd Mobile, known as the cellphone company that is trying way too hard to connect with the nation's youth, in an awkward 'arms folded over the back of the turned around chair' way, has halted its plans to stream nude videos and images to its customers after filing for bankruptcy protection on June 1. So much for that sure fire business plan. Amp'd's official stance is cautiously optimistic:

While Amp’d, based in Aliso Viejo, Calif., declined to comment on the bankruptcy filing, analysts believed that the company would be more cautious in proceeding for fear of alienating subscribers while it worked though its financial difficulties. Members of CTIA, a wireless industry trade group, agreed not to introduce sex-oriented programming until age-verification technology is in place. People who are determined to download pornography to their cellphones can do so today [that must rank among the top ten sentences you never you'd read in the New York Times], but it must be done from third-party Web sites designed for mobile phones [thanks for the tip?].

Bankruptcy Filing May Delay Pornography on Cellphones
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