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When Bankers Break Down Understandable for Over-worked Analyst or A Firing Offense?

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Last night in a DealBreaker After-Hours Special Report we brought you the story of an email brawl between colleagues at a middle market investment bank. Readers responded quickly with comments and emails expressing both sympathy and shock for the first-year investment banker who balked at a more senior associate's request that he put together a working group list. Others speculated about which investment bank the emailing investment bankers might work for.
On the sympathetic side, a reader argued that analysts are often exasperated by taking orders from senior colleagues who are less intelligent.
“I agree the long hours and mind-numbing work have much to do with these sort of exchanges (which take place weekly in my group). What people often overlook is that analysts are generally significantly smarter than the associates senior to them and this leads to disagreements and confrontations,” an anonymous reader wrote. “I mean really, who would get an MBA just to become an banking associate - talk about a waste of tuition.”
Another reader said that the analysts attitude would be a firing offense at a more prestigious bank. “If anyone at Goldman so much as raised an eye brow at a superior they'd be fired on the spot,” the reader wrote.
A few readers speculated about the investment bank involved. One reader named Jeffreies, another Morgan Joseph and a third nominated Houlihan Lokey. Others poked fun at some of the candidates, writing that Morgan Joseph and Houlihan Lokey banks have names reminiscent of eateries. (DealBreaker did not disclose the name of the bank and changed the names of the individuals in the story, and did not comment on the speculation from readers. We feel that information isn't necessary to tell the story about the spat between a junior analyst and a more senior associate.)
We’re looking for more stories like this. What are the best or worst emails between colleagues you’ve seen? How would your bank react to an email exchange like this?