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Who Wants to Invest in Goldman's Alt-funds? It Starts With an 'N,' Ends with an 'O One'


Inflows at Goldman Sachs Asset Management's alternative investment funds fell to zero in the second quarter after raking in some $32 billion last year. David Viniar, GS CFO gave it to analysts straight: "There is not really much colour to add; it was flat over the quarter."
When asked about Global Alpha, Goldman's fantastically performing hedge fund, Viniar noted that there have not been substantial redemptions, because "people who are investing in the fund understand that it is a high risk, very volatile fund."
And also, the guy in charge of GSAM has his hands full with bigger problems, namely a hedge in the Hamptons blocking his way to the beach, so why don't you just back the fuck off?
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Rajat Gupta Wants To See Goldman Beg For It

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being standard, 10 being elephantiasis, how big do you think the balls are on the guy who calls up a hedge fund managerĀ 23 seconds after his meeting with fellow board members concludes to leak inside information about that company and then, after being convicted of securities fraud and conspiracy, tells the company, which paid his legal fees, he doesn't owe them a dime? And that maybe if they put everything into an excel spreadsheet, he'll think about tossing them a couple dollars, but probably not?