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Why are these men so “relaxed?”

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DB Park Ranger Scott Bressler ventured to Central Park last night to snap some shots of the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge. Many of the participating organizations had tables set up to offer food, propaganda or team motivation. The News Corp table was perched right next to the Dow Jones table, probably so News Corp could scare off potential bidders with extremely unfair and unbalanced tan lines (although both organizations swear the table placement was unintentional, and a little weird).
Pictured here are Dow Jones newswire editors Nick von Klock and Geoff Rogow, who said that the race this year was “Amazing sprinkled with awesomeness,” clearly referring to the one month run up in the value of their employee equity plan. Another Dow employee said the race was very “relaxed” this year. Another did an interpretive song and dance piece to the theme song from Rainbow Brite.
Dow Jones uses the race to run an inter-firm competition each year between the “old” and “young” employees (they wouldn’t comment as to where the cutoff was), usually with some golf implement at stake (last year it was a 7-iron). The young guys won this year.
Guys in the networking group of Lehman, jealous of the performance of Lehman’s female squad, mentioned that they were hindered by the crowd, most while pretending to have hamstring injuries. Regarding the horde, one employee suggested, “If it continues to be so packed in future years they should really split it up.”
Take a photographic journey of the race after the jump…

Starting associate, equity capital markets, THE Ohio State University.
Also: milk was a bad choice.

Runners enjoyed imaginary drinks of “Awesome Juice” poured by this pale kid in blue

This man walked around grading midriffs. Google employees scored well.

No dude, I told her it was your birthday, and that you worked at Morgan Stanley.
(Guy in back: humming Clay Aiken’s “Invisible”)

This year, Bloomberg employees dressed as pirates, or roadies on an E Street Band tour.

Whew, Christ. I really thought this sticker meant something else.

The Fab 5, where are they now?

Dammit, I thought we’d be running at night

This is what happens when Biff hits George McFly instead of Marty.

Girl: But Jiang, the race is this way.
Jiang: I know…oh, I know.

A razorfish logo… might as well be a target. These girls are now worth $30mm a piece. Thank you Microsoft.