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Yahoo #1 in favor of censorship, oppression

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Yahoo is bursting with pride this morning, as the company found a category in which it dominates rival Google. When it comes to antipathy for a formal policy regarding censorship or human rights abuses in China, Yahoo is #1. Google is known for conspicuous silence when it comes to China, or at least taking the internet company party line that "less is better than nothing," but Yahoo affirmed yesterday at its annual meeting that it would do more than issue the roundabout statements of its rival.
Yahoo upped the ante by rejecting any proposal that would do so much as open a concerned eye in the direction of internet expansion in China. This follows the company's core China strategy which involves turning over political dissidents' emails (and we're talking a political dissident as defined by the upstanding Chinese government) and not listing the websites that are banned in the county (pictured - a Yahoo shaking hands with China's Pres).
To be fair, Yahoo shareholders did have a full agenda at the meeting. First they had to contend with an activist group trying to oust ridiculously overpaid CEO Terry Semel. Once that was completely ignored, shareholders were free to reject a censorship policy (only 15% support) and human rights committee (only 4% support). The real upside - more people were against censorship than human rights abuses, so turning over those dissident emails shouldn't ever get that sticky.
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