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You can't outrun a Lehman girl

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The unofficial JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge results for race #1 are in, and times were predictably slower than last year, as bankers got much fatter. The top five finishers on the men's side included only one bulge bracket BSD (that was taped to avoid drag). Mike Guastella from Morgan Stanley ran the 3.5 miles in 18:02 and finished 3rd.
Lehman girls dominated the women's race, aided by the lower body strength developed from wearing aggressive shoulder pads in business formal attire. Lehman lady Kelly Chin led the pack with a 21:01 and close behind was co-worker Elizabeth Williamson with a 21:27. Diane Kenna from Merrill finished 4th with a 21:51.
DealBreaker Anti-Chaffing Specialist Scott Bressler attended the event and the requisite candy photography is forthcoming.
2007 New York results [JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge]