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You've Got To Fight, For Your Right, To Play Poker Alone In A Little Locked Room

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One small, barely noticeable but significant nonetheless victory for online poker players: according to Rep. Barney Frank’s office, today’s hearing by the House Financial Services Committee to “examine whether Internet gambling can be regulated to protect consumers and the payments system” (i.e., can we re-legalize online poker and gambling) “went well” and the Frank-master is “pleased.” Frank has set his sights set on overturning the measure in a port security bill by Sen. Bill Frist (the man who hates America) that banned all online gambling, poker included, last September. The Massachusetts congressman said that “the fundamental issue here is a matter of individual freedom.”
Obviously, the fight to sit in little more than one’s boxers while playing cards is far from over, but Rep. Bob Wexler has also shown his support, drafting legislation that would “single out games of skill lie poker rather than shove them into purgatory with all the other frowned-upon money-drainers like roulette.” isn’t sure a repeal can garner the support it needs, and there’s always the question of whether or not Bushie would veto anything passed. Now that he’s off the sauce, he’s no fun at all (though this picture shows promise).
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