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A Mighty Lawsuit

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Mariane Pearl (pictured), famous for reenacting events in Angelina Jolie's films, is suing Pakistan's largest bank for funding an "Islamic charity" allegedly connected to her husband's death.
Habib Bank maintained accounts for Al Rashid Trust, which is considered the United Way for terrorists, ensuring every cave ("command center") has a set of unoxidized monkey bars and improving bomb manual literacy one terror cell at a time. The Trust is accused of serving as a front for funneling money to terrorists and Daniel Pearl’s body was found on a member of the “charity’s” property (maybe it was an after-school honor killing program?). The bank allegedly knew about all this, hence the lawsuit (it’s the “knowing” part that nabs you in U.S. law, presumably).
Pakistani officials are still giggling that the West doesn’t realize that "Islamic charity" means a tax free haven for funding terrorist groups. Some details about the case, from the Wall Street Journal:

The Pearl case was filed by the plaintiffs firm Motley Rice of Mount Pleasant, S.C., which is also pursuing a host of Middle Eastern banks and companies on behalf of the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks. In that case, which is moving slowly through the same judicial district, several prominent defendants including some major banks have been dismissed from the litigation. U.S. law bans knowingly providing "material support" to terrorist groups and also permits terrorism victims to bring civil suits on similar grounds.

As we learned with the Swiss, it is tough to prove (and by prove we mean do anything about) that a bank is complicit in “knowingly supporting” its client’s actions, especially with the flimsy long arm of prosecuting international corporate entities.
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