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A Picture Is Worth $400 Million Words

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Michael Berger, the former Manhattan Investment Fund manager who hightailed it out of New York in 2002 after pleading guilty to $400 million in securities fraud but before he could be sentenced will “most probably” face indictment in Austria, prosecutors said today. Berger, arrested in Austria last week, previously admitted to lying about hundreds of millions in losses from bad bets on Internet stocks over four years and faced up to 6 and a half year in prison, when he was still in the United States. The one obstacle regarding a possible trial in Vienna is that Berger’s nationality is under dispute. He claims to be British, which would give him the right to be extradited. Interestingly enough, sources tell DealBreaker that Berger speaks with a “German-sounding accent.”
Trying to gain a little insight as to why someone would do such a thing? Take a look-see at these glamour shots of Berger, provided by the FBI. And also note that the Feds record Berger as having no known “marks or scars,” failing to take into account that the man is 5’5”.

Michael W. Berger [FBI]
Berger Will ‘Probably’ Face Austrian Charges [FINalternatives]
We didn’t even know they make men that short! Shorter than Schwarzman, 5’6”! Shorter than me, by half an inch! You’d steal $400 million, too.



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