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Absolute Capital Not Into Withdrawals At The Moment

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A second Outback hedge fund has become ensnared in the subprime mortgage blip. This time it’s Absolute Capital, which invests in collateralized debt obligations (last week it was Basis Capital). The Sydney-based fund, half owned by ABN Amro Holding NV's Australian unit, informed investors that it won’t be processing any requests for withdrawals until October 25. The suspended funds are the Yield Strategies Fund and Yield Strategies Fund NZD, which have a combined $177 million under management.
Chief Investment Officer Bill Entwistle said in an interview today, “There are lots of sellers and no buyers, the market has to settle down before we can get some clarity,” which sounds like James Cayne-speak for “We’ve got nothing, join us as we live this lie for a few months longer.” Expect subprime fallout opportunist Blackstone to offer its advice on the matter, for a price.
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Kleinhenz Capital Shuttering Leaves Void In The "Hedge Fund Managers Who Have No Qualms About Driving Their Adversary's Kia Sorento Into A Pond" Field

Last Friday, Bloomberg reported that Kleinheinz Capital Partners had written investors to inform them that the firm would be closing up shop, on account of founder John Kleinheinz's no longer "enjoying running running the fund" as much as he used to. And while JK is certainly not the first hedge fund manager to throw in the towel or to blame "central bank and government intervention for reducing volatility and making macro investing more difficult," and there are obviously enough people left in the industry to manage people's money, this particular account of calling it quits should leave you slightly misty-eyed, for one reason: the hedge fund community has lost the guy that did this (and, noting the less than apologetic apology, would do it again?):