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Alternative Investments Endangering Plantlife and Sealife

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Deborah Schoeneman of Portfolio bring us two bits of news from “Hedge Row. ”
First off, some lucky folks next weekend will get to visit the scene of the recent vigilante landscaping at the home of Jim Chanos, who runs Kynikos Associates. Chanos is having his annual clambake before jetting off to Europe for the summer.
Crash Strategy: Come armed with nasty gossip about Marc Spilker, the managing director of Goldman Sachs who tore up Chanos’s hedges. (Our invitation must have been lost in the mail so we’re going to try this.)
Second, there’s the news that it isn’t only the flora of Chanos that is endangered. The trees on the Water Mill property of Blackstone’s Stephen Schwarzman seem to be on the path to oblivion.
"They're cutting down all the oak trees," an acquaintance of the Schwartzmans tells Schoeneman. "It's a major renovation of the Federal style house. I think he's gutting it entirely."
Crash Strategy:Come armed with nasty gossip about Carl Icahn, who said last week that he had tried to short Blackstone. (Not sure why you’d want to crash a house renovation, though.)
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