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American Quorum against Un-Safe Arbitrage Letters Continue

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The FBI is currently investigating “disgruntled ex-Goldman Sachs employees and customers” who may have something to do with the letters targeting GS employees being mailed to newspapers across the country, starting last Friday and climbing to 31 since yesterday.
Sent to The Village Voice (Lloyd Loves Savage Love) as well as newspapers in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and, mysteriously, Fort Wayne, Indiana, the notes are all hand-written in red ink on lined paper and read: "Goldman Sachs. Hundreds will die. We are inside. You cannot stop us." They are signed, "A.Q.U.S.A." Tom Boyle, spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service said that Goldman has given investigators a list of “people who have a gripe with the company.” Too many…can’t do it…brain exploding…anything that’s good in the world…milkshakes and love are a good jumping off point.

Feds Eye Goldman Gripers
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