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An Implosion Is a Wish Your Website Makes

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From the CFO Blog, the Implode-O-Meter is a website that tracks mortgage lenders that blow up. The site hit 100 "imploded" lenders yesterday, although one company insists that the reports of its implosion were greatly exaggerated, and is suing the Implode-O-Meter as a result.
Loan Center of California (LCC) was deemed an explosion last month (primarily based on what a LCC mortgage did to the pictured abode), causing Credit Suisse and WaMu to cut LCC's credit, pulling the plug on almost $4 million worth of funding and wiping out 75% of the lender's available cash. Although it is rumored that LCC was in the midst of an imminent collapse, the lender is accusing the Implode-O-Meter of shorting certain lenders and manipulating the market. LCC believes the Implode-O-Meter wanted to shut the lender down, and is asking for $50k in damages.
Implode-O-Meter wants to avoid self-implosion, and is asking for donations to fund legal expenses.
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