And the Deal Flow's Red Glare


Gave proof through the night that the boom was still there. The first week of July saw $64 billion worth of announced deals, more than triple the amount in any of the past five years (of which, the first week in July 2005 came in a distant second with $18 billion of announced deals). Of the $64 billion, 71% was PE deal volume, with the $27 billion Blackstone bid for Hilton and the $6 billion Carlyle bid for Manor Care the two most major deals. PE volume for the first week of July in the past five years peaked at 32% of total deal volume, but on only $8.6 billion worth of deals. All these deals have to be wreaking havoc on analyst and associate summers (at PE firms and banks). Comment or send any stranded in an empty office teleconferencing with a Partner or MD on a beach stories to tips at dealbreaker dot com.
LBOs provide fireworks for Fourth of July [Reuters]


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Carlyle Group Goes Red

“Chinese Communist Party” is the new capitalist management rage.