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Another Successful Read of the Market by U.S. Auto Makers

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With all the controversy surrounding Michael Vick's dogfighting proclivities Chrysler Group's Dodge division decided now was a perfect time to release a viral video of a Dodge Nitro electrocuting a puppy to death. Note to Dodge, using force lightning against Mark Hamill, good, using it against a puppy, bad. The ad was created by the BBDO Netherlands division of Omnicrom, and carries the tagline, "charged with adrenaline," followed by that EXTREME Dodge guitar riff.
Chrysler is backpedaling faster than a pit-bull in Blacksburg and has pulled the ad from YouTube (although you can watch it in the Jallopnik link below), apologizing for the "fictional yet inappropriate treatment of an animal." Chrysler is also pulling the "come on, those crazy Europeans are morally bankrupt anyway," excuse, while "investigating the origins of the commercial."
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